Our Family Plans


Get comprehensive health coverage and dedicated care coordination for multiple members of the same family at a price you can afford.


Dedicated care coordination

through Remit4Health's Health Navigators

Unlimited outpatient visits, specialist referrals, medications and diagnostics all included

Pre-exisiting conditions NOT covered

Click here  for pre-exisiting conditions coverage

National Coverage

No Copayments

No Claims


Shared Inpatient coverage limit of $10,000 USD

Plans cost $295 per person, per year


For families with members UNDER 65, these plans offer both outpatient and inpatient coverage.

The outpatient coverage includes:

  • Unlimited outpatient consultations for all covered members at any Avenue clinic

  • Unlimited specialist consultations on referral from Avenue doctors

  • All prescribed medications

  • All prescribed laboratory and diagnostic tests

(Click here to see where Avenue's Facilities are)

PRE-EXISTING conditions are not covered under the family plan.

The inpatient coverage includes:


  • Admission in a general ward bed

  • X-Rays, CT Scans and laboratory examinations

  • Operating theatre fees, surgical treatment fees

  • All prescribed medications and dressing

  • Doctor's, surgeon's and anaesthetist's bills


JOINT inpatient coverage limits range from $1,000 - $10,000.


Contact Information


+1 917 2677454 ​ (US)

+254 711 082 828 (Kenya)

‭+44 20 3998 2448 (UK) 

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