They are nurses or clinical officers, and they work for you.

Our Health Navigators will accompany your loved ones and coordinate all health-related issues for them.

R4H is pioneering this exclusive innovation because we know how important it is to have support through the process of seeking and receiving healthcare.  R4H's Health Navigators are trained health professionals who understand how to connect with people.

Health Navigators will:​

  • Serve as a point of first contact for all your loved ones' medical needs

  • Do a home visit or a phone call to help your loved ones get started with Remit4Health

  • Make sure all paperwork, protocols, and forms are filled out and followed correctly and on a continual basis

  • Help your loved ones book appointments

  • Follow-up with your loved ones after an appointment 

  • Send your loved ones reminders about appointments and medication pick-ups

  • Send your loved ones health tips and wellness advice

  • Organize medications delivery 

  • Empower your loved ones to take control of their own healthcare by providing them with all the guidance and information needed to ask the right questions and receive optimal care

  • Make sure that all medical care is delivered up to our standards

  • Help your family members navigate NHIF enrollment and utilization of NHIF services

  • Connect  your loved ones with available community resources related to nutrition, fitness and well being

  • Peace of mind: no more sending money home without being sure it’s going to pay for great care. No more stressing about the quality of medications. And because your Health Navigator will always be there, you’ll rest easy knowing there’s someone qualified to answer questions, follow up, and be there as needed.


  • Better value: Remit4health has negotiated exclusive discounts for the services we deliver. Plus, we are constantly adding value through partnerships and our expertise.


  • Less work for you: no more constant calling back home to help set up appointments, find doctors, and make sure your loved one actually follows through. We do all that for you.

  • Better living for your loved ones: At Remit4Health, we go beyond delivering essential care because we believe that healthier living is about more than seeing doctors and taking medications. That’s why your Health Navigator will get the member plugged into important lifestyle services like nutrition and fitness support as well as local wellness resources.


  • Transparency: If your loved ones consent, we can provide you with monthly reports detailing all care received by the member so you can stay up to date and informed. In the coming months as we expand our tech capabilities, you’ll be able to access that information online with just a few clicks.

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‭+44 20 3998 2448 (UK) 

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