Our Senior Care Package

We know how important it is to get your seniors good care.
We have a whole team whose job it is to make sure they do.

Senior care involves a lot of work to manage well.

Finding the right doctors, making sure appointments are kept, getting access to quality medications, following up and so on add up to a lot of stress, effort, and time. Especially when you live far away!

We will take care of all of that for you.



STEP 1  Design the Package

Schedule a call with a Remit4Health representative (Click here to schedule a call)  

Describe your Senior’s health situation to one of our health experts.

Based on that conversation, our team will figure out what kind of care to include in your package (e.g. how many doctor’s visits are necessary, what kind of medication is required, etc).

STEP 2  Discuss the Package

Tell us if we got it right

We will send you the package for review.

If you approve, then we move to the next step.

If not, we will modify it according to your preferences.

STEP 3  Buy the Package

Quick and secure payment

Once you’ve approved your package we make it easy for you to pay for everything securely and conveniently.   


STEP 4  Get Started

Onboarding within 24 hours

We take it from there and your senior gets care:

Everything will then be coordinated by a Remit4Health Navigator - a health professional employed by us to be there for your senior.  Remit4Health will:

  • Make appointments

  • Coordinate referrals

  • Develop a care plan for the short, medium and long term

  • Send appointment reminders and medication reminders

  • Check in with your loved ones regularly

  • Deliver  medication to your loved ones' door. No matter where they are

  • Get an ambulance to your loved ones if they need it

  • Make sure they are registered in NHIF

STEP 5  Get Feedback

On a regular basis, you will get updates on your senior's progress



A few important points:

We want to be very upfront about what our Senior Care Package does and does not deliver.  


Our Senior Care Packages are not insurance or blanket coverage of any kind. They are a Care Coordination Service.


That means your Senior will ONLY receive the care you pay for in the Senior Care Package.


Anything outside of the scope of your Package - in other words, any health service not agreed to and funded by you in advance -  will not be covered by Remit4Health unless it falls within the NHIF scope of benefits.

Contact Information


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‭+44 20 3998 2448 (UK) 

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